iSalon Hair and Beauty Salons Reopening Guidance

To enable the hair and beauty sector to return to business clear guidelines must be established to ensure the health and safety of employees and customers, which remain your top priority during the reopening period.

The guidelines outlined in this document act as a broad overview for you to follow, however it must be considered that each individual business within this sector is different and will need to review how each suggestion applies within their own specific circumstances.

  • It looks like salons will be re-opening at different times throughout the country and advice will be given from the English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh governments. Guidelines will vary from country to country.
  • The planning and preparation you put in before you return to the salon will pay dividends afterwards.
  • At iSalon we are here to support and offer guidance throughout your return and moving forward.



A lot of what we are suggesting is common sense, you know your salon, the space you have and what changes you will need to make to ensure they meet with the government guidelines once they have been announced.

You will find a lot of similar templates and information on the internet and the ones we have suggested can be used or you may have your own.

  • Planning – It is important to plan and prepare and having information to hand is integral to the success of your plan.
  • For a regular update visit – They will be the first people to know what the government guidelines are and will be able to explain it to you in easy to understand terms.
  • Create a revenue and expenses plan – what are your costs? What services can you provide and how much do you need to charge – should you have a price increase? How much will you need to spend on PPE?
  • The next thing you need to do is carry out a risk assessment. For businesses with fewer than five employees this does not have to be recorded, however we would encourage you to keep a record to help you and your employees maintain these changes. – we’ve enclosed a link to templates and staff agreement
  • Look at visiting the salon through your client’s eyes – make it easy for them and your team to come back with confidence. Something that is advised by almost everyone is to do a complete deep clean of the entire salon just before opening your doors for business. But while we wait for that moment, we have a great opportunity to plan out the hygiene and safety guidelines that your team will create a routine around.


Now is also the time to look at :

  • What services can you do/what services do you want to do? What services can’t you provide?
  • What will your new reopening times be and how will you roster staff
  • How does this work with your new appointment strategy
  • Have you done a break-even analysis to ensure you are pricing your services correctly – re-visit your revenue and expenses plan
  • Have you allowed time to clean down each station before the next client arrives?
  • Pre-booked/online appointments only


Communication is key:

  • Your reopening dates and new opening hours
  • Staff rosters
  • How you’ve cleaned and your New Hygiene plan
  • What you’re doing new in salon to protect staff and clients
  • How they can book and how they can pay


Communicate via

  • Website – update and share
  • SMS – send text reminders and updates.
  • Email – email all your clients
  • Social Media – share what, how, why and when you are doing things with your followers
  • Signs in Salon – use your shop window as your shop window
  • Local press – if you can – why not get them to do a PR piece for you, groups contact the National press

Analyse: Utilise iSalon Command Centre


  • Look at who your key clients are
  • Who they are
  • How much they spend
  • How regularly they visit
  • How much they spend on retail


Ensure everything is planned and in place

  • Reopening
  • Bookings open
  • Booking confirmation
  • Covid disclaimers/information/H&S info

Attracting New clients

  • Don’t forget – new business is also available to you and you should look to attract as many as you can
  • Vouchers and loyalty cards are still great ways to attract and retain customers


A few weeks in and it’s easy to get caught up in being busy – take some time to re-assess, again the Command Centre is on hand to report on all these areas of your business.

  • Check who you haven’t seen?
  • Which clients haven’t come back – reach back out and re-market to them – remind them you are back open and looking forward to welcoming them back into the salon


Review of what’s working – what do you need to change

  • Are you hitting targets
  • Is demand exceeding supply
  • Is your pricing correct
  • Are your new KPI’s working
  • Are your PPE costs right



  • Remind and remind again the importance of H&S
  • Don’t forget they are your key assets
  • Update their handbook
  • Keep them informed
  • Involve them
  • Reward them and recognise them, their efforts and commitment
  • Do they need new KPI’s
  • How will their new performance be tracked and measured?


iSalon can assist and help you when preparing to re-open your salon.


  • Reopening your appointment book – have you started booking appointments? Online booking with iSalon is so easy for you to manage using Command Centre. You can work out your utilisation of your team and if you are planning to work a shift system this can set this up easily. You may want to extend appointment times and take deposits or full payments in advance. All this is easy to set up with iSalon and can all be done remotely.
  • You can now use Command Centre to cancel, move and reschedule appointments from anywhere on the go.
  • Communication is key – are your team aware of their new way of working – might be a good idea to do a trial run before opening – get the team in to do their own hair so they can become familiar with new salon, client journey, working with PPE and sanitisation expectations.


iSalon can assist and help you when preparing to re-open your salon.

  • Our support team can also help you add a 15 minute “clean up” period after each booking to allow you to sanitise the area before your next client arrives
  • Communicating to your clients – show them what their new salon journey will look like – videos are a great way to showcase – it will help them familiarise themselves with the salon, expectations and the new way of working, share via E marketing, text messaging via our marketing tools and your social channels.
  • Use iSalon to manage your client communication. E-shots to your opted in GDPR compliant database to keep them up to date with the opening of online booking, your plan to take deposits or payments and to welcome them back to the salon with open arms (at a socially distanced length!)
  • In our latest release of v11.11 we’ve added a new message box to IB3 that allows salons to enter a Covid-19 message, we have also added to iSalon a new automated Covid-19 SMS that is sent 10 mins after they book an appointment… the text is configurable
  • Stock take – ensure all orders are placed and due to arrive in time, you don’t want to be running out of peroxide/colour. Use the stock take options on your iSalon system to make sure you have everything you need.


Other General Considerations

  • We would advise salons to take deposits or pre-payments, it’s a good way to manage your finances and cover any last-minute cancellations? Use iBookings to do this.
  • Are you going cashless? If so, make sure you are set up and your clients are aware
  • Retail – setting up website/e-retail – we have seen some amazing retail sales via lockdown continue to offer via your website or E retail – encourage clients to pre-order products that can be collected at their appointment
  • Align all your salon communications via E marketing and text messages along with your social media channels – keep your message on brand and consistent
  • Now is the time to look at your prices and communicate your price increase £
  • Be transparent – share your extra safety PPE fee, don’t build into your price list - show as a separate surcharge
  • Create your own salon guidelines, that are unique for your business, We’ve seen some great examples from the manufacturers and would suggest you visit your supplier's websites for more details.



  • Now that we’ve taken care of the logistics of opening with bookings, stock and communication being supported by iSalon, if you get into any difficulties you can always speak to Ruby, Our ChatBot or contact us on 01522 887200 – option 1 or email: We are open Monday – Friday 08.30-18.00 and Saturday 08.30 -16.00
  • There are many other things that you should consider for your individual salon such as -
  • PPE for your team and your clients – this can be purchased from your supplier or local wholesalers. Barbicide are running free courses and once satisfactorily completed you receive a certificate. A great thing to encourage client confidence.
  • Encourage client confidence by signing up for salonspy review site, where they have added in a new question only seen by salon owners regarding salon cleanliness and hygiene, which allows you to react to anything a client may have missed out.
  • Sanitising stations located around the salon – from stand alone units to bottles at each position. This is now an integral part of the salon journey. howhighbrands have a great selection – we have partnered with How High Brands and if you quote isalon5 at check out to receive a 5% discount on all PPE orders.
  • Signage to inform the clients of the salon journey – keeping this on brand, this allows you to show the flow of the salon post Covid -19. Local signage companies are a great port of call. Use icons to make it easy to understand and get your message across
  • Disposable cups and bottles of water – if budget allows why not brand bottles and cups with your logo?
  • Make sure clients have easy access to your Wi-Fi – as glossy magazines will be a no-no
  • Creating a new price menu that takes into consideration, grown out colour, damaged hair or home haircuts or colour.


Support Details:

Please remember we are only a phone call or email away you can contact us on:

01522 887200 – option 1 or email:

We are open Monday – Friday 08.30-18.00 and Saturday 08.30 -16.00

Ruby, the ChatBot is always available and may be able to answer any of your questions

Just like everyone else – we are getting used to the “new normal” and to help protect our support team it is sometimes taking a little longer to deal with enquiries, please bear with us as we refine and improve your support experience